sexta-feira, 10 de junho de 2011

Liquid Stranger - The Arcane Terrain (2011)


01. Liquid Stranger – The Molecule Man (06:45)
02. Liquid Stranger – Bombaclaad Star (07:12)
03. Liquid Stranger & Heavyweight – Rise (05:56)
04. Liquid Stranger & Heavyweight – Babylon Beast (05:01)
05. Liquid Stranger – Steam (04:16)
06. Liquid Stranger – Timeless (05:15)
07. Liquid Stranger – Totem (06:18)
08. Liquid Stranger – Laguna (05:53)
09. Liquid Stranger – The Squid Strander (04:21)
10. Liquid Stranger – Vigilante (05:34)
11. Liquid Stranger – Zero Gravity (06:16)
12. Liquid Stranger – Overlord (06:18)
13. Liquid Stranger – Unfold (02:30)

Liquid Stranger returns to Interchill loaded with two heavy hitting albums for 2011. The Arcane Terrain, unleashed May 31st, obliterates the boundaries separating dubstep, grime, dub, breaks, hip hop and outernational crunkadelica. The Renegade Crusade, out in September, takes aim at DJ's and lovers of bass music with stripped down mixes, instrumentals and significantly more dirt and grime than its predecessor.

The Arcane Terrain forges new ground in the unfolding odyssey of a wandering bass mystic. With plenty of impact and groove to slay any dancefloor, it also works well as an everyday listening album. Turning it up a notch, the soon-to-follow companion album, The Renegade Crusade, promises to deliver a healthy taste of the Liquid Stranger live sound and will quickly find its rightful place in the secret stash pocket of the most discerning of DJ's. Taken together, this double-barreled dose of protean sonic mayhem drops bass in your face like Galileo dropped the orange. Keep an open mind and let gravity do the rest.


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